Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday's North Pinellas Meeting with a Panel of Guide Dog Users

Last Thursday Chuck was able to secure a wonderful panel of guide dog users for us for our monthly meeting with Don and Donna. They spoke about their experiences with their dogs and some of the things that they thought we as puppy raisers should be aware of. Chief among them was that the stay and the come commands were VERY important for our pups to know. Kathy said she was out on a hike with a fellow guide dog user and they both had told their dogs to stay and the other woman went to feel for her dog and it wasn't there. Kathy immediately put a hand out and Angel was right where she was supposed to be.

Thanks to Don and Donna for setting up the meeting and making it all go smoothly!


  1. GREAT idea for a meeting! Would they be willing to do a "redo" for the south group??

  2. A "redo" is a great idea, Melisa - I bet they would be willing.