Sunday, January 9, 2011

Discovery Center Meeting

On Saturday we had our first puppy meeting of the 2011 year in Sarasota at the new Discovery Center. The center is really nice. They have two great meeting rooms, a nice gift shop and a very cute puppy petting place.

Stephanie and Princess made the long trek from Clearwater for their last meeting as Princess goes in for training next week. She's a real sweetheart and has really grown from the rowdy gal that Stephanie got to finish!

After the meeting we all took a walk down to the farmer's market where it was crowded with people and dogs. Quite a challenge walking for everyone.

After braving the market, we decided to head over for some lunch. We had five dogs under a table, which is a new record.


  1. Our meeting at The Discovery Center was great! We had the opportunity to expose the puppies to so many different things and it's always so much fun to get together with fellow raisers. I can't believe how much the group has grown in the past few years. Love seeing new puppies. All in all, a wonderful day!

  2. Bernie had a great time. It was her second visit to the Discovery Center and she loves all the attention. It was great seeing all the puppy raisers, sad that some of our favorite members will be going off to college, but such fun to see all the new happy faces and lolling tongues.

  3. Love the Discovery Center and spending time there with the puppies and therapy/ambassador dogs - and, uh, spending money in that gift shop, too, while we're at it!!