Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obedience with Jennifer

It was rather a dark and rainy night when the 11 of us started our class with Jennifer the trainer. You can see Carolyn in the distance and Dodger, our only yellow lab, sort of glowed in the night.

We started out the night with a basic circle of acceptance with most in and a few outside of it. The big thing to realize is that being outside the circle isn't a bad thing, it only means your dog needs more time to deal with his dog distraction before he/she can get closer to the circle or get into the circle. With time and patience, admittance to the circle is guaranteed. 8-) Go out from the circle until your dog obeys your command the first time. Then, periodically, come closer to the circle and see how your dog does. It may take 15 minutes, it may take two classes! It's all about the dog feeling good and getting praised for following commands.

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